Aug 27, 2011


Many Japanese like to beat time with the hands. 

At first, shout "Yoo-!" and beat time with the hands. 

Aug 21, 2011

If something disgusting enter my mind,

If something disgusting enter my mind, I will kick. This kick is strong!

"wu!! it's so large!"

Aug 20, 2011

Aug 14, 2011


Rokurokubi is a kind of Japanese ghost.

Aug 13, 2011


This is Muromi river.
It flows through Fukuoka city.
My great-grandfather, grandfather and father were living in the place that was not far from this river.  My family members like to talk about the appearance of old Fukuoka to me.
And therefore I have feeling it seems that I am living in this town 200 years...

 Today is the first day of Obon period(in my town). Many Japanese believe their ancestral souls will come back to their home in Obon period(once a year). 

In Obon period, there are various things that  have to do

to offer up these sweets to the Buddhist altar of the family.

to offer up these foods to the Buddhist altar of the family.

to make white dumpling.

to display a lantern.

Aug 6, 2011

monk / Sengai Gibon

Sengai Gibon (仙厓 義梵 / 1750 - 1837) was a Japanese monk of the Rinzai (臨済宗).
Though the Rinzai sect is particularly known for its hard-to-understand teachings, Sengai tried to make them accessible to the public. He left many interesting and lovely sumi-e paintings.

Of course, I have never met him. Imagined his face and drew it.

According to his biography,
On his last moment, he muttered "I don't want to die ( しにとうない )"
His pupils had been surprised and asked "What does it mean? ".
( It seems that it was unusual that the Buddhist monk who had high position say such a thing.)

Sengai had answered " Really, really (ほんまにほんまに)"