Mar 31, 2012

a thinking reed.

In old days, many Japanese often drew a woman as dreamlike existence. 
I don't like such a situation. Not only men but also women are a thinking reed respectively.

"Man is but a reed, the most feeble thing in nature, but he is a thinking reed. The entire universe need not arm itself to crush him. A vapor, a drop of water suffices to kill him. But, if the universe were to crush him, man would still be more noble than that which killed him, because he knows that he dies and the advantage which the universe has over him, the universe knows nothing of this.

All our dignity then, consists in thought. By it we must elevate ourselves, and not by space and time which we cannot fill. Let us endeavour then, to think well; this is the principle of morality."

--quote Pascal Pansees 347

Mar 2, 2012

Life in nothern town....

 I like to draw the winter scenery.
a snow-tanned face,
Heavy winter clothes,
Dog sledge...

As a child...

As a child, I liked making a friend laugh!