Jan 26, 2011

I wonder this hair style.

This drawing which I drew last year.
I wonder at this hair style.
Especially its structure!
 I'm a Japanese, but I have never coiffure this style.


you said...

When I married with my husband,I put on a hairpiece like this style. Because my mother wanted to me to wear the Japanese traditional wedding style and I agreed it. But I didn't have such long hair,so I used a hairpiece like this style. It was very heavy thing!! So when I see such a traditional Japanese hair style, I wonder that how many kilograms is it and doesn't she get tired...

nanagraph said...

you! Thank you for posting a comment.
I think it is interesting to put on a hairpiece like this style.
but, the heaviness is a problem...

It seems that sometimes a traditional thing needs patience.

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